Vinny Rinaldi

Head of Addressable Media & Technology

The Hershey Company

The Hershey Company may not come to mind as one of the most innovative CPG’s in the media landscape but Vinny Rinaldi, Head of Addressable Media, is leading the charge to change that.

After a broad 12-year career in ad tech at startups like Adap.TV, ad tech giants AOL and Google and most recently leading Audience Platforms and Strategy at Dentsu Aegis Network, Vinny made the uncommon move to the client-side at Hershey to “see if all this data and tech really worked.”

In his current role as Head of Addressable Media, Vinny is building out Hershey’s data and media technology capabilities to transform a 125-year old company with iconic brands like Hershey’s, Reese’s, Kit Kat, Kisses, Ice Breakers and Twizzlers into a CPG leader at the forefront of the rapidly changing media landscape.

Over the past 2 years, Vinny has pioneered a new approach to digital media buying at Hershey that is quickly delivering results. By applying his ad tech expertise to the CPG world, Vinny has transformed Hershey digital media planning and buying into an audience-driven, data-first approach. As his team would call it, “Think like a DTC, Act Like a CPG”. This has led to a 32% increase in sales due to digital media and a 42% increase in ROI. As a result, Addressable Media is viewed as an engine of growth at The Hershey Company today.

Vinny’s uniqueness stems from the fact that his vision for Addressable Media is grounded in solid business metrics of sales, share, household penetration and profit. Data and technology are now seen by Hershey as critical tools to achieve these goals. Examples include using Addressable Media to boost sales at underperforming stores at Halloween and Easter, leveraging weather data to inform media buys for Hershey s’mores and using location data to serve mobile Reese’s ads near convenience stores.

Vinny has established a team of data experts to drive this approach and has changed the way Hershey’s thinks about their entire media plan, driving a much richer mix of traditional media channels alongside the new addressable media ecosystem.

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