18 MAY 2021


Exploring Global Safety Online


As the digital advertising industry undergoes rapid transformation, the Virtual Brand Safety Summit New York will take a look at the most critical challenges and opportunities that have emerged for industry executives in this truly different year. There has never been a more important time for the global community of brand safety leaders to come together.

Join us to hear from and participate in the conversation and see how we can work together to make digital advertising a safer and more trusted medium for all.


Sean Reilly

President & CEO

Lamar & OAAA

Anna Bager

President & CEO


Ben Jankowski

Global Head, Global Media


Jack Smith



Lauren Douglass

SVP Global Marketing

Channel Factory

Jonathan Baraca

VP, Strategic Partnerships


Joe Barone

Managing Partner, Brand Safety Americas


Rachel Gantz

GM, Activation Solutions


Mark Fogelberg

Head of Agency Partnerships and Programmatic


Peter Hamby

Head of News , Host of Snapchat's Good Luck America

Snapchat, Inc.

Sean Muzzy

President, North America


Chloe Wixsom

Group Product Marketing Manager

Snap Inc.

Jon Morra

Chief Data Scientist


Sherrill Mane

Executive Advisor

The 614 Group

Louis Jones

Media & Marketing Consultant

David Roter

VP Agency & Brand Partnerships

Snap Inc.

Ryan Eusanio

Director, Programmatic Marketing Operations

Omnicom Media Group

Matthew Harrington

Global President & CEO


Kiely Taylor

Global Head of Social


Sreeharsha Ukkadam

Senior Director, Product - Advanced TV


Anthony P Martinez

Global Marketing & Media Leader

The Coca Cola Company

Prerna Talreja

Group Director


Dave Byrne

Director of Strategic
Trade Relations


David Murnick

EVP Digital Media Operations & Technology Partnerships, Head of Brand Safety

Dentsu Aegis Network

Reema Elghossain

VP, 4A's Foundation /MAIP/Talent Equity & Inclusion


Warren Lapa

Former Head of Digital at Time Warner Cable (Now Spectrum)


Harvey Goldhersz

EVP, Data & Innovation Marketing Center of Excellence


Nicole Cosby

Chief Data & Compliance Officer


Yale Cohen

EVP, Global Activation Standards

Publicis Media Exchange (PMX)

Mike Zaneis

CEO & Co-Founder

Trustworthy Accountability Group & Brand Safety Institute

Joe Kowan

Executive Vice President, Digital Solutions, Precision and Technology

Spark Foundry

Nidhi Sood

Director, Client Results

Dentsu Programmatic

Rob Rasko


The 614 Group



9:45 AM - 10:00 AM

Opening Remarks: Thoughts on An Ordinary Day in Extraordinary Times


10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Fireside Chat with Mastercard : A Marketer's Look at 2020: Lessons from the Pandemic in Media and Marketing
Presented by The 614 Group



10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Diversity Is Brand Safety: The Critical Importance of Reflecting the Consumer in the Workplace
Presented by The 614 Group

Diversity Is Brand Safety is a new Brand Safety Summit initiative which, starting now and moving into the future, will highlight those companies and leaders making their workspaces more diverse. Our first installment features Reema Elghossain, VP, Talent Equity & Inclusion. She will share insights on the 4A’s Foundation that has built initiatives to support the advertising industry with their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, achieving this through programs aimed at discovering and cultivating talent through scholarships & awards, educations programs, the Multicultural Advertising Intern Program (MAIP) fellowship and Alumni communities, and its new program, VANGUARD.



11:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Pulling the Covers Back: TikTok Expands Its Commitment to Brand Safety
Presented by TikTok

TikTok has been in the news lately and yet many buyers still don’t have a clear idea of how to leverage the platform properly. Here, Dave Byrne, a leader from TikTok, and David Murnick from Dentsu discuss what is expected from a leading platform and specifically from a company like TikTok.



11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Spotlight on CTV: Current Best Practices for Brand Safety, Data Protection & Privacy at the Point of Execution
Presented by Comscore

As the U.S. media industry faces an unprecedented global pandemic, the threat of misinformation and brand safety are at the forefront of concern for brands and advertisers. Now more than ever, data protection is critical in navigating the current media landscape. With the launch of several recent CTV-focused solutions across the industry, powerful new brand safety options will better enable brands to avoid appearing alongside unwanted content, while allowing advertisers to confidently place ads. In this panel, thought leaders from throughout the industry will discuss the challenges and opportunities of the current media landscape; explore best practices for protecting your CTV and OTT campaigns, without sacrificing reach and ROI; and ask the question: as we move out of 2020, how will the events of the last year impact the future of data protection for advertisers?



12:00 PM - 12:45 PM

Lunch Break

1:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Making Brand Suitability Human: Zefr’s Unique Data Approach to Video Context
Presented by Zefr

As investment increases on video platforms, brands are demanding technology stacks to better understand and measure contextual adjacency. But context on video platforms is inherently different from legacy open web and display techniques, requiring a different architecture built from the ground up. Tied to their brand new announcement as a YouTube Brand Safety and Suitability Reporting Partner, Zefr’s Chief Data Scientist will go under the hood to explain the harmony of human cognition and machine learning required to achieve precision for context in video, in an effort to standardize suitability for today’s challenges.


1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

The Contextual Revolution: Holistic Planning Strategies for Better Outcomes
Presented by Media.Net

In a world where companies are planning for a cookieless future, one must consider contextual targeting. With a long heritage of successful and effective audience planning and buying using content and context even before audience targeting, how can the revolution in contextual technology make way for better ID management and relevant ads in brand safe environments? What’s new? What’s old? And how to make it all resonate for pre campaign planning, optimization and post campaign analytics?



2:00 PM - 2:30PM

Privacy vs. Performance: Advertisers Don’t Need to Compromise
Presented by DoubleVerify

Consumer privacy regulation is here to stay - and rightly so. The value exchange upon which the Internet is built is dependent on consumers and brands equally benefiting from free, ad-supported content. While many advertisers have come to rely on audience targeting, the era of privacy is ushering in new opportunities in how we target consumers and read intent-based signals. In this session, we’ll discuss ways to reach audiences who will be receptive to a brand’s product and messaging, without the use of third-party data. We’ll also touch on what metrics matter, and what the future of targeting and measurement looks like in a cookieless world.


2:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Technology Equals Value in the Supply Chain, Not a "Tax." Experts Weigh In
Presented by Engine Group

Separating the tech tax from tech value, and in turn finding the right supply path to inventory, may differ on every single piece of media that is bought and sold, creating a truly complex problem but also offering a way to find the least amount of fees. What can we see and where are we still blind?



3:00 PM - 3:15 PM


3:15 PM - 3:45 PM

Ethical Advertising, Brand Safety, and Brand Suitability: How 2020 Changed Everything from Platform Decisions to Creative Content
Presented by Channel Factory

An election year, a global pandemic, civil unrest, race relations. 2020 has been full of news and massive societal changes, requiring pivots in creative, strategy, and platform decisions for advertisers. How do brands ensure they are surrounding the right type of content, while not overblocking key themes? How do they make investment decisions that advance the right causes, while avoiding unsuitable and unsafe content? Join Channel Factory on the day before the US election to discuss the decisions that brands have to make on monetization, and how to have an ethical advertising approach.



3:45 PM - 4:00 PM

Research Snapshot: Annual Reveal of the TAG Certified Channel & A Conversation on How TAG Success Is Helping the Brand Safety Institute
Presented by Trustworthy Accountability Group

2020 has been an interesting year, how has the fight against IVT fared during this crazy year. Is there an expansion of the TAG Certified Channel, was is the updated benchmark and how is the success of TAG's certified against fraud program support the role of the BSO in the marketplace. Hear from the CEO/COO of TAG and its new EIR Louis Jones.



4:00 PM - 4:30PM

Combating Fake News and Misinformation on the Day Before This Historic Election
Presented by SNAP

The elections aren't about a single day anymore, but about what you are doing the days before. How are you getting your news, when, and where, and how will you know what is really happening? Here, we break down the headlines and how brands are thinking about news adjacencies. Snapchat is deliberately built differently than traditional social media—in ways that make it much safer for their community—and they have taken a stand to prevent hate speech and disinformation from spreading on the platform. In an unprecedented year with a global pandemic, a social movement and an election, a spotlight has been placed on the harmful impact of fake news and misinformation. In this panel moderated by Snap, hear four different perspectives - platform, agency, brand and content creator - on the importance of brand-safe content, and where they are showing up the day before the election.



4:30 PM - 5:00PM

Inside Out-of-Home Advertising: Keeping Brands Safe and Relevant
Presented by OAAA

OAAA President and CEO Anna Bager hosts Lamar Advertising CEO Sean Reilly for an insightful conversation about the ways brands are using OOH to pivot messaging and ensure brand safety during the pandemic. They’ll also discuss the creative, digital, and programmatic innovation that’s made OOH one of the fastest growing forms of media for the past decade, and the exciting future for OOH.




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