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Big ideas and best practices in one day on brand safety.




About the Summit

Big Ideas And Best Practices In One Day On Brand Safety

Businesses are rethinking ways to connect with customers and prospects, and we at The 614 Group have reimagined how we can continue to bring our audience of brand safety leaders together. That’s why we’ve launched a series of Live Virtual Brand Safety Summits for 2020. The virtual version of each Summit will be collaborative and interactive, just like our in-person events.

The Live Virtual Summit will feature a mix of keynotes, panel discussions and fireside chats covering the most pressing brand safety issues. Our speaker lineup will feature experts on brand safety, advertising fraud, measurement, contextual advertising, consumer data protection and more.

Join us as we expand the ways our community learns and comes together while advancing the most important brand safety conversations.





Speaker Lineup

Anna Bager

President & CEO


Tiki Barber

Former NFL Running Back
New York Giants


Dan Bruinsma

SVP, Activation Director


Kasha Cacy

Global CEO


Yale Cohen

EVP, Digital Investment & Standards

PMX - Publicis Groupe

Chris Cunningham

Founding Partner

C2 Ventures

Christine Desrosiers

Brand Safety Officer in Residence

Brand Safety Institute

Dan Donnelly

SVP, Advertising Sales Marketing

FOX Sports

Bryan Everett

SVP of Business


Larry Gelfand

VP Buyer Development

David George



Matthew Harrington

Global President & Chief Operating Officer


Jed Hartman

Chief Commercial Officer

Channel Factory

Lung Huang

Head of Growth Solutions Kinship

Mars Petcare

Lynne D Johnson

Senior Editor


Louis Jones

Former EVP, Media & Data Practice


Marla Kaplowitz

President and CEO


Tyler Kelly



Stephanie Layser

VP Advertising Technology and Operations


Joshua Lowcock

Chief Digital Officer

UM Worldwide

Eran Metzer

Executive Director, Data and Marketing Technology

Hearts & Science

John Montgomery

EVP, Global Brand Safety


Rachel Nyswander Thomas

Chief Operating Officer

BSI Advisory Board

Olga O'Donnell

VP, Business Operations & Technology Partnerships

Amplifi US

Kelly Owens

Senior Director, Client Partnerships

Oracle Data Cloud

Rob Rasko

President, Brand Safety Summit Series

The 614 Group

Roy Rosenfeld

SVP of Product


Susan Schiekofer

Chief Digital Investment Officer


Erica Schmidt

Global CEO


Ryan Spicer

VP, Sales & Client Partnerships


John Toth

Former Head of National Sales


Peter Vandre

Chief Analytics Officer

Dentsu Media and

Eric Warburton

VP, Ad Operations

Horizon Media

Scott Wells


Clear Channel

Debbie Weinstein

Vice President, YouTube & Video Global Solutions


Derek Wise

Chief Product Officer

Oracle Data Cloud


9:00 AM - 9:35 AM

Virtual Events: Good, Bad or Indifferent?

This fireside chat featured an engaging conversation between Chris Cunningham, Founder of C2 Ventures and Rob Rasko, President of the Brand Safety Summit Series, on the future of events, entrepreneurship, and the state of investments in ad-tech and mar-tech.

  • Rob Rasko, President, Brand Safety Summit Series, The 614 Group
  • Chris Cunningham, Founding Partner, C2 Ventures

9:35 AM - 10:05 AM

Brands & Trust in an Unsettled World
Presented by Edelman

If you were ever in doubt that brands matter, new data from the Edelman Trust Barometer reveals the power and necessity of brands as well as their urgent need to act. Matt Harrington, President & COO of Edelman has shared the expectations of consumers from around the world as to what businesses and brands need to do to earn and maintain their trust. The discussion also covered strategies for how brands foster conversation and engagement.

  • Matthew Harrington, Global President & Chief Operating Officer, Edelman

10:05 AM - 10:30 AM

The Future of YouTube Brand Suitability: Scale & Engagement
Presented by Pixability

We're entering a new phase of brand safety and suitability in digital video advertising where we no longer have to rely on blunt instruments to block whole categories of content. In this session we discussed how agencies, adtech companies and industry leaders have come together to find ways to use more detailed categorizations of content to deliver video advertising experiences that are not only safe, but drive real scale and engagement for brands.

  • David George, CEO, Pixability
  • John Montgomery, EVP, Global Brand Safety, GroupM
  • Debbie Weinstein, Vice President, YouTube & Video Global Solutions, Google/YouTube

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

The News, COVID-19 and Safe Online Discourse

What is the state of marketers' utilization of news and how can we move away from keywords and drill down on sentiment? If a marketer acts on that strategy, what's the next step? What have marketers learned from COVID? One thing seems clear: Knee-jerk blocking hurts marketers and publishers.

  • Lynne D Johnson, Senior Editor, Admonsters
  • Yale Cohen, EVP, Digital Investment & Standards, PMX – Publicis Groupe
  • Ryan Spicer, VP, Sales & Client Partnerships, CNN
  • Tyler Kelly, President, Centro

11:00 AM - 11:15 AM

Morning Break​

11:20 AM - 11:50 AM

The Tech Tax vs. Tech Value
Presented by ENGINE

The recent Programmatic Supply Chain Transparency Study, carried out by PwC, was shunned by many advertising industry veterans. Is there a tech tax, or is this a regular supply chain that has abuses? This debate has featured perspectives from leading executives who will share their point of view on this controversial issue.

  • Rob Rasko, President, Brand Safety Series
  • Marla Kaplowitz, President and CEO, 4A’s
  • Kasha Cacy, Global CEO, Engine
  • Dan Bruinsma, SVP, Activation Director, Starcom, Activation Lead, Bank of America Account
  • Erica Schmidt, Global CEO, MatterKind

11:50 AM - 12:30 PM

The Crumbling Cookie and Data Protection
Presented by

The cookie is crumbling. What are the solutions that are going to help advertisers with targeting? Is it contextual, or is it identity resolution is it both? How will we fill the gap that cookieless advertising will leave, and how will data be protected in the transition?

  • John Toth, Former Head of National Sales, Reuters
  • Eran Metzer, Executive Director, Data and Marketing Technology, Hearts & Science
  • Stephanie Layser, VP Advertising Technology and Operations, NewsCorp
  • Peter Vandre, Chief Analytics Officer, Dentsu Media and Carat
  • Larry Gelfand, VP Buyer Development,

12:30 PM - 1:00 PM

Lunch Break

1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

Tiki Barber, NFL Legend and Entrepreneur On the Future of Sports and Messaging

A Conversation with Tiki speaking frankly about getting the marketing message right in these challenging times.

  • Dan Donnelly, SVP, Advertising Sales Marketing, FOX Sports
  • Tiki Barber, Former NFL Running Back for the New York Giants and Co-Founder, Thuzio

1:45 PM - 2:15 PM

Brand Risk and Brand Suitability
Presented by Channel Factory

In today’s advertising ecosystem, brands constantly face a choice about what context and content they want to surround, just as they always have when they used to buy ads in certain magazines. The lines are blurrier today, and so having a perspective on what you want to surround, and what you want to avoid, becomes increasingly important. We are aware that while brands run ads on video, social or search platforms, some find it acceptable to run their ads amidst edgier content, some target such content intentionally, and some advertisers wish to avoid this content all together. Because there is no one-size-fits-all solution to content adjacency, we have discussed in this panel how to create and establish what works for you when it comes to brand safety and brand risk.

  • Louis Jones, Former EVP, Media & Data Practice, 4A’s
  • Susan Schiekofer, Chief Digital Investment Officer, GroupM
  • Jed Hartman, Chief Commercial Officer, Channel Factory

2:15 PM - 2:40 PM

The Role of the Brand Safety Officer
Presented by Brand Safety Institute

The role of the Brand Safety Officer continues to grow in importance as the advertising ecosystem becomes more complex. In this session, Rachel Nyswander Thomas, Chief Operating Officer, TAG, and Chairwoman, BSI Advisory Board, has lead a discussion on the role of today's Brand Safety Officer, and the increasing need for qualified practitioners with deep knowledge and expertise around safeguarding the supply chain and protecting brand reputations online.

  • Rachel Nyswander Thomas, Chief Operating Officer, TAG Chairwoman, BSI Advisory Board
  • Joshua Lowcock, Chief Digital Officer, UM Worldwide
  • Christine Desrosiers, Brand Safety Officer in Residence, Brand Safety Institute

2:40 PM - 3:10 PM

The State of Fraud in CTV
Presented by DoubleVerify

As ad spend on CTV increases, so too does the opportunity for fraud in the advertising ecosystem. The impact of fraud can be significant - potentially leading advertisers to see decreased efficiency in their media spend and increased risk to their brand’s reputation.

Attendees learned about the types of fraud in CTV and how bad actors perpetuate fraud through apps, IP spoofing, and SSAI technology. They also learned about how fraud might manifest itself in different buying environments. Lastly, and most importantly, they learned how they can combat CTV fraud and the specific solutions available to them with these emerging threats on the horizon.

From this foundation, panelists will discuss how the buying environment is impacted by the potential of fraud. This module will dive into the intricacies of buying CTV inventory directly from content platforms, intermediaries as well as programmatic platforms. Attendees have learned about the challenges of attaining scale and transparency, and what is being done and should be done to address both.

  • Lung Huang, Head of Growth Solutions Kinship, Mars Petcare
  • Roy Rosenfeld, SVP of Product, DoubleVerify
  • Olga O’Donnell, VP, Business Operations & Technology Partnerships, Amplifi US
  • Bryan Everett, SVP of Business Development, Amobee 
  • Eric Warburton, VP, Ad Operations, Horizon Media

3:10 PM -3:30 PM

Afternoon Break

3:30 PM -4:00 PM

OOH - A Brand Safe Medium For Any Environment
Presented by OAAA

The out of home advertising channel has always been one of the most brand safe. Positioned in the real world, brands always know exactly where an out of home ad will appear and there is never a chance of ad fraud since real consumers always see out of home ads. Attendees have learned about the out of home industry, why it’s a safe media choice and how enhanced data analytics is optimizing out of home campaigns with better targeting in a brand safe environment.

  • Anna Bager, President & CEO, OAAA
  • Scott Wells, Chief Executive Officer, Clear Channel Outdoor America

4:00 PM -4:20 PM

How To Power Contextual Intelligence In a Post-Cookie World
Presented by Oracle Data Cloud

The cookie as we know it is on its way out. While the concept of ‘context’ for brand safety and suitability in digital is not a new phenomenon, the technology that underpins these solutions has undergone tremendous change and evolution, and will continue to do so in the future. It’s never been more important for digital advertisers to have the ability to understand the nuances of the types of content their advertising appears alongside. What will the key to finding brand-suitable environments for advertising be in the future? Join Oracle Data Cloud’s Chief Product Officer, Derek Wise, and Kelly Owens, Sr. Director of Client Partnerships, Oracle Data Cloud, as they discuss brand suitability: past, present, and future, demonstrating how you can ensure you’re best positioned to leverage the latest technology in the service of your digital media campaigns.

  • Derek Wise, Chief Product Officer, Oracle Data Cloud
  • Kelly Owens, Senior Director, Client Partnerships, Oracle

4:20 PM -4:30 PM

Closing Remarks


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